Here Comes the Sun

Here Comes the Sun LLC is a clean power provider specializing in solar energy.

sun2Here Comes the Sun acts as an enabler for those who cannot own their own solar facilities and also those who are not able to benefit from the various incentives for using clean energy such as tax credits and accelerated depreciation. The target market for Here Comes the Sun includes non-profit organizations, other entities that do not pay taxes, and also those who simply do not have the capital to invest in their own clean energy facility. In addition to allowing various organizations the opportunity to do something good for the environment through the use of solar energy, Here Comes the Sun also makes sure that the customer receives the solar energy generated on their site at a rate that is cheaper than the energy coming from the grid.

How we do what we do:

sun3At Here Comes the Sun, we install solar energy power plants on our customers‘ properties while maintaining ownership of the plants. Since Here Comes the Sun is a for profit entity, we are able to take full advantage of the various incentives that are available for the establishment and use of clean energy that make solar energy a financially feasible option. The terms with the customer vary, however Here Comes the Sun is committed to providing solar energy to our customers at a lower rate than the grid and in many cases, the customer will have the option to acquire the solar facility after a specified period of time.

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